Author Topic: Western Electric manual 307 with some kind of resistor diode on Ind coil  (Read 98 times)

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Dear Forum:

I've been given a WE 307 with a manual blank, 104A induction coil, 387A capacitor, B1A ringer, and a 266A resistor coil, and
a terminal strip above the condenser.

I was looking at a topic thread about where someone converted theirs to common battery operation, and I was interested in doing the same with mine; except I have a couple questions, please.

There was mention of a blue line cord wire, and I would have need of a BSP covering the 307A.

If the forum could enlighten me on this, I will be thankful for the help and advice, please.

Thank You,
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Here is a search from the TCI library

As you scroll down the list, there are several documents for a WE 307a
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There's basic info and a list of some of the relevant BSPs on this page:

FWIW, there are millions of standard 302s but far fewer 307s. It might be worth saving as is.
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I would agree with Paul. It would be best to keep it original. If you want a plain old 302 there are plenty available cheap!
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I imagine that's what I'll do, but I'll have to notch the baseplate corners corners so the housing will fit it.

I used it's B1 ringer for my subset 302 base, so the next working B1 I get can go in my 307.