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WE 1C Payphone Conversion for Home Use: Success!

Started by Ed Morris, April 21, 2020, 11:23:29 PM

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I have a similar phone. I have a high pitch and barely hear dial tone all the time like it off the hook. I can call and it rings barley without front plugged in. When plugged in and hung up it gives me busy signal like it's always off the hook. I can call it and plug it in and immediately picks up and all I hear is high pitch noise. Any help I would appreciate it. Pulled 10 green wire and its the same. It's set to coin op


Hi, sorry for the very late response of almost 3 months lol.  I have a few questions, is it a rotary dial payphone, or touch tone?  I'm assuming it's a 1C?  Do you have another keypad/rotary dial assembly you can use to test it out?  Can you send more pictures of it, wiring, dial pictures, and most importantly the wiring block at the bottom of the main chassis.  And a whole picture of the inside of the phone would be helpful.  I hope we can get the phone working, and I am sure we can just answer my questions and we will probably get it working.