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Stromberg Carlson 1575 WAI 5-line in Dark grey

Started by Jim Stettler, July 13, 2020, 06:30:25 PM

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Jim Stettler
I recently bought this phone :
Subtotal   $19.99
Shipping   $12.25
Tax   $1.65
Total   $33.89
It doesn't really look Dark Grey, but I was hoping it was. My hopes were answered. It is a nice dark grey.
The missing lens is inside. These are hard to open, It appears the front  buttons need to be removed to remove the housing.

It goes nicely with a  Green set  1575 WAI 5-line. I have. I paid much more for the green.
The green set had many watchers and I won it at over $216.83 I didn't like paying that high, but I wanted it and got caught up in the auction.

This balances out my investment on the green phone. about $250.00 for both combined.
I am happy with them both.
Link to Paul F.'s SC1575 page.
The line cord photo is from this page.
My green set has the cord. The grey does not.

I will try to post some better photos of the grey next to the green
Note: these phones have solid "buttons". I thought it had the 2-3 line "flipper style" switches when I bought it.
Flipper phones aren't near as hard to find. I would of been happy if it was a dark grey flipper phone.
I am happier since it isn't

You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.



I have several and wired them for a 1A2 system. Also have a green one but had to glue the broken case and a white one. The buttons have to be removed to remove the case. I udes the green one as a wall set with the hookswitch claws.

Jim Stettler

Quote from: rdelius on July 14, 2020, 08:38:48 AM
I have several and wired them for a 1A2 system.

Good to know. 1A2 is easier to find than a SC 6K-1.

Stromberg Carlson had a 6K-1 KSU for use with these phones.

This booklet is from the TCI Library :
Link for SC 6K-1
SC 6K-1 ksu link

Link for library

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You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.