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ATC AA4100 Candlestick with RD1974 on the ID decal

Started by RotoTech99, January 26, 2021, 10:42:04 AM

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Dear Forum:

I have a question regarding an AA4100 Candlestick with "RD1974" on the ID decal showing the set name, trademark, etc.... I need some help with , please.

I know the "RD1974" may refer to Northern Electric/Northern Telecom telephone companies, but for some reason I can't find literature on the AA4100 Series that had the Customer ID (telco.'s) it was made for, and am racking my mind trying to remember that

Also, I would appreciate if a Forum Member who might have documentation on the AA4100 could lookup the model code breakdown information for that series Candlestick, please.

Thank you,