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730A Interpone speaker on ebay

Started by 5415551212, February 20, 2021, 10:18:02 PM

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Neat 730A Interphone speaker on eBay:

Curious who gets it and what kind of interphone system they have.

( I am posting all future  western electric interphone stuff under this 'key systems category' because they don't seem meet the standard for the Intercom & Interphone Systems Board category and they used key system relays, and are not "designed as intercoms ONLY", correct me if I am wrong)



NOS Vintage Western Electric Bell System White 730A 730A58 Interphone Speaker Receiver.
Dated 9-74.
New in box. Never Used.


Bidding is now up to $69


Meanwhile there is a new listing as a buy it now for $150

I hope whom ever gets these shows off their system


Both now sold the auction went for 89, someone opted for the buy it now at 150.
Same seller has just listed 2 more speakers at 99 buy it now


I hope the buyers show off their systems here.

Doug Rose



I've never seen one in person in use.
I wasn't aware they were so popular in areas.
Very cool idea though.


Saw one installed in a house during an estate sale here in New Orleans a few years ago.  Someone else got it most of it, it was de-installed when I checked back later.  I did end up with the front door speaker, plastic is a bit sun damaged however.


There was one in a house we moved to when I was a kid, it never worked so i tinkered with it all the time.
It was a blast, probably one of the things that lead me to a career as an electrician.