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WE III 38 Dial

Started by Doug Rose, January 04, 2022, 04:45:01 PM

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Doug Rose

This is utterly immaculate. Was this an upgrade from a #4? Paint is perfect.

I see these every so often with the black paint on the back.

What is the yellow and the green vermillion mean?

This came from a really beat up broken 302....many thanks...Doug


353T is the date stamp from the WE Repair Shop. (Don't know about the green).

This is the standard 5H dial, as manufactured. As of II 38:

(1) The W terminal was to the left of Y, rather than by the governor,
(2) The contact springs were bifurcated ("twin contacts"), and
(3) The pulse pawl changed from the solid phenol version (used on the IV 36 - I 38 "silent" 5Hs) to the insulated metal one, which looks like the ones used on 2-type and 4-type dials.
"C'est pas une restauration, c'est une rénovation."--François Martin.

Doug Rose