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Bell System Light Globe

Started by wds, March 01, 2022, 02:21:09 PM

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Picked up this Bell system light globe for lighting up some of the phones.  I don't know enough about these globes to tell if it's authentic or not, but it sure does look nice.  The globe fit perfectly on a pole I already had, just needed to switch out the shade for the globe. 

Doug Rose

It is really nice Dave, no an easy find...Doug



Jim Stettler

That is a nice find. You did good.


There were some Repro globes made years ago. There were the small round globe like this one as well as a large flattened globe that was similar to the large round lights for phone booths.

The glass globes were made with the original molds and the lettering was a decal that was  baked on.   The decal was created the same way as the ones used on (Bradford exchange type) collector plates.

I think the way to tell would be examine the decal. I think originals were silk screen.
< Edit> Hand painted stencil? <EDIT>

The collector that was offering them also was offering a couple of different metal wall mounts to display the globes.
He also offered a table lamp made out of the flat globe as the lamp body. The round globe was also offered with 5 cent lettering

I don't think very many were produced. Probably less than a dozen of each globe type.

I probably have some photos of the items somewhere in my file stacks.
You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.



interesting.... these are 6" round globes and I'm thinking that if they are reproductions that they could have been sold through Crystal Lamp Parts, which was sold back in the 90's or someone else...  Antique Lamp Supply and Grand brass Lamp Supply seem to be the current vendors... anyone know of anyone else who could sell these custom shades?



Since the OP touched on the question of whether or not its authentic or not, it seems like its acceptable to say I firmly believe it is not original. These style globes have been for sale in 'limited' but seemingly unending quantities on ebay for a number of years. In fact a seller currently has 2 listed available for sale. The lettering and font on the outer band is not consistent with what was used on other Bell System signage of the time, porcelain or glass and the logo size compared to the globe is wrong. Its still a nice piece, I just feel like this should be known for people who stumble across this thread. I've recently seen another collector trying to sell one of the canteen style repro globes with Booth as original. I think he really does not know its a repro so its important that people know what they have.

Jim Stettler

You could probably make a nice looking sign with a flat globe and a die-cut printer.

Sign shops and some libraries have die-cut printers.


You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.