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Started by Etienne, March 18, 2022, 05:11:25 PM

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1935 Pathé 70 radio on a 1937 Marconi 126A turntable.

The Pathé 70 was Pathé's high-end radio in the 1930's. it is massive, weighs a ton and has a huge loudspeaker.

Marconi 126A with a "Made-in-England" Marconi Pick-up 25 tonearm and Garrard U5 motor.
It was repainted shabby-chic and I tried to save the original varnish. Lost cause, but Miror's silver formula on fine steel wool helps a lot when it come to removing hard dirt or paint spots on varnished wood.

A lot of work to do to bring all this to life... but the turntable came for a ridiculous price with its 4 original albums, one of them still containing records, and interesting ones: Lakmé's bell song, sung by Lily Pons, Mendelssohn's Op. 6 n°4 played by Rachmaninoff, Rachmaninoff's Op 3 n°2 by himself, Les trois valses (Je t'aime/ oui je t'aime, ô Paris) sung by Yvonne Printemps (wonderful voice!), St-Saens (Le cygne)- Moment musical (Schubert) by Pablo Casals, etc.

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