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Cell2Jack review (XLink clone)

Started by markosjal, April 23, 2022, 02:46:14 AM

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Recently while browsing the Internet , I encountered an Xlink clone type device. It does much the same as the Xlink but at a fraction of the cost.

My Cell2Jack came today and I immediately connected it up and tested it.

I opened the package to provide all the information needed literally on the packaging. Great for greenies, no wasted docs.

Within a few minutes I had connected to a power supply and connected an antique phone, then paired to my android phone. I made several tests with a few of the phones listed below.

I then downloaded the Windows utility so I could change some settings.

I noticed that MANY power supplies make some noise on the line. In the end I ended up powering the device from a cheap WalMart power bank.

Here is my experience with it.

Phones I used to test with:
Western Electric Accent (This particular phone and model ringer is the most difficult WE Ringer I have found)
Western Electric 307 (modified for battery on the line. 20hz ringer)
GTE Starlie Wall Mount (this ringer is usually very problematic on ATAs)
GTE Starlie Desk model (this ringer is usually very problematic on ATAs)
Unisonic Transparent trimline style (tiny ringer problematic on ATAs, Mic is NOT carbon) 
Ericsson PTT Made in Holland (as Radio Shack sold in the 70s)   

Each phone was tested for Ringing, 2 way talk quality , etc. Only noted are items out of the ordinary or that did not work

High power ringing was enabled.

A few times I connected two phones simultaneously to the device and ringing failed on one or both phones. I did not test all combinations.

Western Electric Accent would not ring. Nor will the same model ringer with capacitor. This ringer is like those in a Trimline but BIGGER. this came as no surprise to me as I expected this on this phone and ringer

I soon realized that this could be used at shows on a power bank, even when there is no AC power, to test and demo phones. Although I will say my Grandstream HT802 also runs on the power bank and can be configured to call from port to port, and has way better quality audio.

What I was not able to do yet is play with the off hook power settings as my Butt set needs a battery that I do not have right now

Xmit quality:
Overall on most any phone call xmit quality seems off , almost like somewhere in an analog audio circuit, something is being overdriven. Transmit audio just is not as good as it could be. I confirmed this over conversations and echo tests. Adjusting level in utility did not seem to clean up the audio at all either.

Receive quality:
was good but I had to increase the volume up a little using the Windows (BOOO! I hate Windows) utility . I do not understand why I can not increase or decrease BT device volume on the phone while in a call. The document on cell2jack web site say I can , but I can not.

Why I tested with the Unisonic phone:
It is the only phone that does not have a carbon mic (my modern butt set has a dead battery) . I wanted to see if the transmit quality was better from a better mic. It was somewhat better, but I still believe there is an issue with xmit quality but I kind of feel the same way bout the Xlinks too.

Buyer beware for pulse dialing you need version 4 or later hardware. this unit says Version 6.1 with firmware Version 6.20

Phat Phantom's phreaking phone phettish


Additional info....

Today I got a battery for the "Lil' Buttie" Butt Set

At off - hook power set to "strongest" I get 16ma loop current.

At the minimum it goes down to 10ma.

Even with the Lil' Buttie, audio xmit quality seems poor.
Phat Phantom's phreaking phone phettish