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How were 4H dials made?

Started by Bill, November 27, 2022, 06:10:24 PM

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I looked for this info - didn't find it. Apologies if this has been answered.
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I know that quite often, 4H dials were simply reworked number 2 dials. But were there any 4H dials that were originally manufactured as such, and not as #2 refurbs? If so, when were they made? And when I find a 4H dial, how do I tell if it is a refurb #2, or a newly-made 4H dial, other than the filled-in screw holes for the fingerstop?




The true 4H dials were made from 1930 - early 1938.

Dials converted from 2A will have the original W terminal restamped "R."(Original 2H dials already have the R terminal stamped into the dial.)
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