Author Topic: Finally got a soft yellow 500!  (Read 12021 times)

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Re: Finally got a soft yellow 500!
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I'll do that, it should look good because the yellow is as close to transluscent as you can get (except the clear ones, of course).

Hey Jim S, since you are the "transparent " phone expert, have you ever seen a 501 desk set or 554 in clear with a 426A tube?  THAT would be cool to see in the dark!
I haven't seen one (yet). I am not above making clear phones for my own amusement tho.

I used to have a soft plastic clear 500. The handset caps and dial were matching (I think white). I think it had a motel overlay on the dial. It was the most yellowed clear 500 set I have ever owned. I have owned 7 (8 if you count my KE key phone).

This phone did not have a # on the botton, instead it was stamped "call waiting set". It did not have the typical red dome lens for a hotel phone, but it did have the socket, I never tried it out.

I bought it and a NOS SC 500 from John Infurna at the 2nd Mile-High TCI showI eventually sold it at a KS show ( the year I displayed 30+ clear phones).

The year I brought out the clear phones there was a table mix-up and I ended up with 1 table instead of 2. I took the high road and setup my display instead of my for sale Items. I did sell a few clear phones to help offset costs. Since this phone was the least attractive 500 I had I sold it. I sometimes regret that I did.
(but, you can't keep everything)

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