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Western Electric records.
« on: July 08, 2010, 04:42:29 AM »
While researching a record I just got, I discovered a connection with phones:

On February 25, 1925, Columbia began recording with the new electric recording process licensed from Western Electric. The new "Viva-tonal" records set a benchmark in tone and clarity unequalled during the 78 era.
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Re: Western Electric records.
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Western Electric made wonderful broadcast and recording microphones and theatre sound systems. Below is a picture of a Western Electric/Altec 639B "birdcage" mike, from Ekkehart Willms' site. They made many of the best early microphones. Look at the beginning of an old movie from the 1930s and often as not you will see "Western Electric System" in the opening credits, or "Western Electric Noiseless Recording."

RCA also made very good broadcast mikes, and here is a link to a clip from This is the Army with Kate Smith and her two 44Bs. Microphones, that is. Singing God Bless America, by Irving Berlin. And I thought I would point out just for Tom that a young Ronald Reagan is also in the clip. This is still the definitive rendition of this song, to me. The old radios and the WWII theme and the song are all very nostalgic.

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Re: Western Electric records.
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Interesting, I notice the words "electrical process" are in the WE hawthorne font :)

That clip of Kate Smith was really cool, gave me chills :)
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