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Re: I just won a Telegrafverket phone - New pictures posted
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Be aware that many of the Oslo dial phones appearing on ebay and elsewhere have paper overlays with numbers in the 'normal' order on top of the original number plate, so the original plate is not visible.  So a phone that you see with normal numbering may actually be an 'Oslo' phone underneath.

Up to 1967 the dials had enameled numbers under the fingerwheel. Overlays was introduced as an solution when they discovered a need outside Oslo for "non grey" colored telephones. They got overlays , and even a new label in the center of the dial.  So actually some of these are originally modified.  Some of the 1967 model telephones did only have the dial center with numbers, and just blank fields under the fingerwheel. Originally Oslo telephones was stamped under with O.T.A. or Oslo Telefonanlegg. But as always, exceptions; usually non Elektrisk Bureau telephones sold to companies with their own PBX. Because of the monopoly these are rare. I have seen a some Ericsson diavox, and some Standard telephones. (Standard = ITT or S.T.C. telephones, mainly from Belgium)

The Oslo dial works still when connected to an Oslo-exchange. When crossing the city border, you need a regular one. The very last exchanges does not accept rotaries.