Author Topic: Dial Cards?  (Read 1307 times)

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Dial Cards?
« on: December 12, 2008, 02:08:08 PM »
I think this is the correct term for the round sticker that goes on the dial to display area code and telephone number. 
Where can I find new replacements for worn or missing cards?


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Re: Dial Cards?
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h ttp://  EDIT:  Link found dead on 10-28-2016, OPH launched a new web site design in early October 2016 so specific link does not work - use short link below to get to OPW new parts page

I don't know if you know about Old Phone Works, but they have a great variety of parts.  Sometimes it's hard to locate what you are looking for on their website, but you can always email them questions, or what you are looking for, and they will respond and are very helpful.

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Re: Dial Cards?
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"Imagine how weird telephones would look if our ears weren't so close to our mouths." - Steven Wright

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Re: Dial Cards?
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Thanks guys.