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Standard issue touchtone for 1973

Started by tjmack99, December 31, 2010, 02:30:07 PM

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I'm trying to figure out which phone we had growing up. It would have been around 1973, I know it was touch tone. Does that mean it was a 2500d? Any other suggestions? I believe it was blue.


Obviously it had to be an AE 80 Touch Call as the 80E Touch Call wasn't available until 1975. This is assuming that it was a regular desk phone, not a Wall Phone, Starlite, spacesaver, panel phone or Styleline. If it was light blue it was "Forget Me Not Blue".

Okay, I'll admit that I am just proding you for a bit more info such as what operating company you were served by which would determine what manufacturers phones they used etc!

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hahah...I guess less isn't more in this case :) We were in Southern New Hampshire (Nashua), so I'm thinking it was new england bell? Maybe new england telephone. We moved in to the house in '73, it was a desk phone and I do believe it was blue.