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Re: Imperial?
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Those are special, indeed. 

Doug, I'm a little confused about Mark finding the phone.  Is this the one he found or one like it?
Dennis ....Mark found one on eBay, but it was in really used shape.It inspired me to make one. This is one I made with a brass plated 302 I had. I added the Ivory handset and the Ivory plungers with a matching dial card that Dave Johnson of Wistful Telephones painted for me.This was before Brother Kotke was making clear plungers. Now that I can get clear plungers, I'm happy with the ivory...Doug

Dial guy Steve H. had brass 302 housing made in korea decades ago.

These sometimes show up and Would make a good 302 imperial body.
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Re: Imperial?
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Paul Vaverchak had some plastic 302 shells and the bakelite handsets with a brass-gold finish. The handsets still looked good but the plating on the plastic shells crazed.