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Steve Hilsz, dial repair and parts

Started by HarrySmith, February 20, 2011, 10:59:02 AM

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Thanks to Steve I got my f1 handset and he threw in a cord for me great price and fast shippping


Steve just repaired three dials for me. Super fast turnaround time!
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Steve is awesome!  I had a dial repaired ,as well as, a straight handset cord made from an old rubber line cord for my AE80.  Can't beat his prices/service.


I sent him a #2 w/celluloid face. Came back in beautiful shape. He polished the fingerstop and the thing spun nice and fast.

Use the 151AL it is on at work every day.



Just got a couple of dials back from Steve, and they're in great shape now.

I also got an extensicord from him a few weeks back when he must have been on vacation. Not only did he reply to my emails, even though his website stated he was away, he got his wife to mail it to me.

A great guy to deal with.


I haven't been actively restoring phones for a while, but it looks like Steve Hilsz's VTS Industrial website has been taken over by a blogger.  Is Steve still in business?  With his web site now usurped I fear the worst. 


I was in contact with Steve less than a month ago, and he was still doing his thing.

I've mailed him to find out what's happening.

I'll let you know what the response is.

ETA: His site was active less than a month ago. This Frank J Miller announcement is from Feb 19th 2015. Seems not to compute.

Doug Rose

I spoke with Steve this week and he told me he would be in touch when he was back.

Ms. Prewitt....welcome back to the Forum. You have been missed....Doug

Jack Ryan

Frank J Miller seems to be a new registrant sharing an IP address with Steve.

Someone might have made a boo boo whilst setting up Frank J Miller's account.

If that is the case, it is another strike against shared IP addresses.



Looks like you're correct, Jack.

I received this reply from Steve.


I have been in contact with the person who manages the ISP for Navysalvage and Phonesurplus, and he admitted that he just put up that strange website but doesn't yet know why my sites are redirected to it.

Meantime, I seem to be a nonentity in the digital world.


Hopefully normal service for his website will resume shortly.

Jim Stettler

Steve's site seems to be working right now.
Jim S.
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Thank you for all the replies and Steve's website is back up.  Weird thing was that a Bing search would list his ship salvage and phone sites but both directed to the Miller blog.  Glad it's resolved but mostly that Steve is quite well. 


Does anyone know if Steve is still repairing dials? I have a few to be serviced. If not, then who is doing it now?


As far as I know. I just had 5 dials done a few months ago. You can email him at
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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Doug Rose

Same a s Harry, I got six dial back in January. They don't come any better than Steve....Doug