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NE 510's in Triplicate

Started by DavePEI, February 23, 2011, 07:54:37 AM

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Just thought I would post this - 3 NE 510 two line phones bought at a yard sale a couple of years ago for $5 ea. Without looking at them again, I can't tell you their dates, but all work like a charm - in fact, I have one of them hooked up to my 555 switchboard. Needed buffing but otherwise practically NOS. N'uther great yard sale find!
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Those are wonderful.  Can be used for 2 CO lines, or for a PBX extension and backup service to a direct CO line in a power failure.  Can be used as a ringer cutoff switch in a bedroom.  If the turn key is actually a push / turn key, the pushbutton contact can be used for intercom signaling: thus one CO line, one intercom line, and intercom buzz.  Or the pushbutton contact can be wired as a "duress" switch in a home security system.   

If the phone also has the exclusion key, then what you can do is:  Wire the turn key for one CO line and intercom with common talk & common signal.  Wire the exclusion key to put a hard hold (resistor) across the CO line. 

Now you answer an incoming call and it's for someone else in the house, so you pull up the hookswitch plunger to put them on hold, turn the turn-key to get the intercom line, and press the turn-key to code-ring the other phones to get the right person to answer.  Tell them the CO call is for them, and then go back to the CO call, wait for the other person to pick up an extension, and hang up. 

There are plenty of other ways those turn-keys etc. can be used.