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let me introduce myself....

Started by Babybearjs, March 03, 2011, 08:10:19 PM

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hello all.. my name is John Stancliff.. I go by the handle of "babybearjs" and have a few phone in my collection... and like to share stories of what I've done and what phones I have for sale. please feel free to ask me any questions that you might have because I'm asking questions myself. hopefully, I'll be able to contribute to this forum.


Welcome to the madness of phone collecting.  ;D ;D ;D


Welcome aboard, John.   Glad you're here.

Dennis Markham

Welcome John.  I look forward to reading your posts.

Ed D

Glad you're here John!  Welcome!!!


Hi John! Welcome! How many phones do you have? Got any pictures to share? What are you selling? Are you a certified phone addict? Has "phoneitis" gotten ahold of you already ;D
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well, for all you phone collectors, I started out collecting phones back in 1980 when I found an ad from burdens surplus center for their free catalog. at that time they were advertising the AE 50 and the AE 40's that they had gotten from lincoln telephone. I fell in love with the AE 50 because of its style, I had never seen a phone with the handset designed that way (horizontal) and back then they only were asking $7.95 for the phone. I bought one and did'nt know exactly what to do with it other then mount it to the side of my dresser at that time. I later bought another and in 1982 bought the AE86 destset from them for $18.50. I did'nt really like it so I bought the AE87 and really liked it because it had the internal hold circuit in it. I tried to build a intercom system for a group home I was living in at the time but did'nt get very far due to lack of phone knowledge. I bought a WE 101G P/S from them and started to tinker with the phones. and in 1984 discovered Phonco. I was able to secure some AE teledialer 32's and some AE SAU's that I pretty much took apart to see how they worked and still did'nt understand they're make-up. the phone collecting went on the back burner until 2005 when I started to buy up all of the AE phones from burdens for refurbishing.. I discovered that there was extra wiring in some of the 87's for the busy lamps (which did'nt exist) and that the light bars between the 2 models were interchangable so I started to change out the switch hook and light bar assemblies to upgrade the 87's. I had my whole mobile home wired for 3 phone lines and was able to secure some WE 207C KTU's from mary at phoneco. prior to the loss of my job, I had 2 incoming phone lines and a ICM circuit in all the rooms of my mobilehome. it worked great! then I started to get on ebay and found the WE 400 series phones, and all those 300 series phones that I got at a great price. and now all this stuff is in storage til I get back on my feet. stay tuned! more later!   John


Babybearjs ,
                  John, Welcome to the forum. Good luck on the job hunt. When you can, send pictures .
Kenneth Stubblefield