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Re: Just Won This!
« Reply #15 on: March 28, 2011, 04:45:59 PM »
The coil cord is for a G-type handset and not an F-type handset. It's from a 500 or 554 set and the strain relief is too big to fit the hole, so it sticks out a lot. Yes, I'd change the cords out because these don't look correct at all. Mounting and handset cords meant for a 302 might be your best bet.

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Re: Just Won This!
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Congratulations, Jim, that is definitely a rare find and a good score.  Fantastic example of Bell System eco-industrial engineering: zero waste, with 1930s-era parts being used in the 50s and probably intended to last into the 70s. 

I agree, look for 302 cords, probably including a coiled handset cord from that era.

I don't think these would have been "foisted" on less-than-willing subscribers.  I think they would probably have been installed in businesses such as factories where functionality was all that mattered.  I would envision one on some warehouse manager's desk where he was happy to see it replace the plain D1 he'd had before, because now the bell was topside where he could hear it better over the din of the warehouse when he was up walking around.   And I seriously doubt they'd turn up in residences, specifically because they were slightly awkward and could have gotten dropped & broken.