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Started by wds, April 28, 2011, 07:00:27 PM

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Just wanted to share a couple purchases I made recently.  Ever bought a "mystery bag" from the dollar store, hoping the prize inside was worth at least the $1 you paid for it?  I bought a candlestick and ringer box from Ebay, with almost no description and only a couple bad pictures.  I hoped it was a 534 subset with a 20al, but couldn't be sure.  I received the set today, and sure enough it was a 534, but with a 40al.  $53 with shipping.  Those 534's seem to be getting very expensive on Ebay - I saw one go just a few days ago for $100 + sh.  They are both going to polish up real nice and go on display.  I still have trouble identifying the receiver parts, don't know if it's a WE or not, but I have another shell to replace the damaged one.

Then a couple weeks ago I got a 20 T for $58 including SH.  Missing the receiver, but otherwise complete and in really good shape.  The transmitter is intriguing, a 302W.  Can't find much information about it.   Needless to say I'm happy with these last couple of purchases.


The 20T is an Interphone and it appears that they came in several configurations.  The smaller 302 transmitter is interesting.  There isn't much info on either.  I think I was bidding on that phone as well but was already over budget when the auction closed and had bought a 20-T the week before. 
Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
TCI /ATCA #4409