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WE 229 Transmitter auction
« on: August 19, 2011, 06:11:26 PM »

The photo above is from an eBay auction for a WE transmitter and cup.  The auction hasa number of bids,so thought I would inform potential bidders. The cup is the "riveted"type.  The rivets are clearly visible in the photo.  ALthough these are old, they were refurbished in the 1930s. The nickel is sandblasted,the holes were notched,and it was re-painted black.  The bracket is a newer type onlyused on refurbished cups, NOT the highly sought after early type found on 20-X series candlesticks.  These are pretty much useless for restoring old candlesticks to original condition, and so they do not command nearly the same prices as early types-Buyer Beware.  They are good stand-ins for the real thing, and I use them on 151s but even that is probably incorrect.  Also,the hole has been punched out.  A cup with a hole would not have been issued in the 1930s by the Bell System.  This was done later.  The faceplate and mouthpiece look good, but IMHO the cup and bracket are worth about $10-15.  
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