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Re: Oxy Clean
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Just a wee note:

I find oxy-clean (or a generic equivalent) excellent for cleaning cords removing mildew, etc. I got a load of badly soiled and mildewed but new cords a while back, and restored them to their original splendor by soaking them in a strong oxy-clean solution in a tub, then wiping them with a cloth. Finally, I hung them vertically from a clothes hanger. There were close to 100 cords in the batch, and all turned out like new.

The only caveat, is a few had to be re-coiled as the act of wiping them inverted some of the coils.

This was over a year ago, and there doesn't seem to be any return of the mildew. I re-packed them in fresh plastic bags to avoid transfer of existing mold in the bags back to the cords.

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