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Re: Comcast Digital Voice - Rotary Phones - General Q's
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I believe so.  The phone would have to function as it originally did.  In that light, It may be more cost effective sending it back.  I Would imagine he could do something to have it function.  If he had access to a similar system to your Comcast system, he could get a better idea.  Let him know just what you are using with the phone.
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Re: Comcast Digital Voice - Rotary Phones - General Q's
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I know this is a very old topic,

But I have a Spectrum Line & a AT&T Copper POTS Line from the street.

I get 53Kbps Dialup on Spectrum (And VERY Reliable too!), & Only 33Kbps on AT&T.... Hmm.....

Spectrum also works with ALL my rotary phones (302, 500's AE Phones..)

They ALL Dial & Ring and just work great! It puts a Nice 48V on the line and a nice 90Vrms AC @20hz 5 REN for ringing.

Spectrum is very good, And they changed over the years.

I am in Bright House Territory, I hear that Charter territory The Phone service is awful and does not even work with rotary! Even though the modem is the same they use different firmware a tech told me. (And they use crappy audio codecs like G729 that sounds like a cell phone!)

If you are in BHN Area, Get Spectrum. If not, It's not worth it.

Just my two cents.

Also I pay $50 (almost 60) A month for a plain local POTS Line with no LD, And only not even $19 a month for a Line thats just as good as POTS and has LD (Only BAD Thing about Spectrum and any other types of 'digital' service is when the power is cut and your battery dies, You dont have a phone)

But even AT&T has been known to not keep up there batteries nowadays, So... There is not much of a difference?

Also Spectrum has there own private IP Network (And I heard dedicated T1 Lines) For there telephone network, So it's not like it's going over the internet with a bunch of security and latency issues, It's a dedicated network just for telephone traffic.

SO in conclusion,

VoIP is as good as people make it,
Spectrum can provide 12vdc leads in people's homes to power the phone modem during a power outage, But the won't. And never will.
When it boils down to it, They don't care.