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Re: Autophon (UK) button set
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It's just an ordinary phone.

Autophon were a south Wales-based telephone/technology company - in 1991 they became  or were taken over by the Swiss firm Ascom.

I think they also made the better known "Berkshire" series of phones.

The South Wales high-tech industry received a boost last week as Cardiff-based Autophon UK Ltd won a contract worth around UKP3m from British Telecommunications Plc to supply it with network terminating units and line cards to use on British Telecom's 64Kbps Kilostream service: Autophon will be shipping the units out at the rate of 1,000 a month to British Telecom, which will then make them available to customers - typically banks, travel agents and building societies.

If you want one, this item has llower P&P.

Autophon and Ascom phones at Bob Freshwater's site
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Re: Autophon (UK) button set
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The handset looks like the K(?)-type handset that is used on a lot of modern 2500-type telephones over in the states, though looking at it, the phone looks like it's an evolution of the 2500, just one that isn't very common... :)

Though, one can't help but notice one problem on one of the keys..... :D