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558 2-Line just arrived!
« on: June 20, 2012, 01:31:29 AM »
I just received this ITT 558 2-line (Ebay photo).  It's all original from 1968 and about $23 shipped.   I will use this in our kitchen and connect the "real" phone to one line and my Panasonic 616 to the other.   My plan is to use the 616 as an in-house phone with my kids' rooms, garage, etc. while still allowing outside calls to/from the 558.

I've never worked on an ITT version of a 5XX.  Interesting to note that even in '68, ITT was still using the 7-series dial design and the gear frame was still screwed together.  WE had begun using a stamped-together gear frame in '58 and, of course, went to the 9-series dial in '65.  Overall, I'd say the WE 7 dials are nicer quality, but after a clean/lube, this one still works nicely.  Next, I'll need to polish and perhaps sand a few scratches.......