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How I repair Bakelite
« on: January 04, 2013, 11:06:37 PM »
I used my PTT phone as a example, it was originally trashed with stuck on crap. It was horrible, nasy, disgusting .Need I say more? Here we go
I got a PTT phone, (don't know anything about them). I believe it was used in a barn because it smelled, had gook stuck on, and when cleaning the phone with a towel there was some brown rezadue. No need to explain what it was, you can probably guess as it was in a barn.

Restoring p1
I obviously used some disinfectant spray.

Restoring p2
I used the dremel tools wire sander attachment to get the stuck on gook off. That worked well, then I used the buffer and buff compound.  

Restoring p3
I then used shoe polish to refresh the black exterior. (This did the color richening)

Not much more is needed to say. Sorry I'm too lazy to put in pictures, but it looks great!

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