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Introduction - Jerry P

Started by Jerry P, January 07, 2013, 10:40:21 AM

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Jerry P

Just stumbled upon this forum so this is my first post. Haven't read all the old posts yet but find lots of interesting stuff. The avatar is a candlestick created while I worked for Western Electric in the 1960's. Not nearly stock enough for the true restorer. Has some non-standard chrome and internals were new Trimline at the time. It has adapters to use the transmitter and receiver from that phone and the internals are on a custom printed circuit board. It sets on a desk in my entry way and is fully functional. It does have a WE factory baked enamel finish. It had new cords and felt base that were still available at the time it was done. I have a couple of large boxes of parts that were obsolete and junked during that period. Hope to dig them out and maybe sell some of them.


Welcome Jerry!
The self made phone will still have a value, at least for you.
It may be a little risky to join us, we tend to stop selling and continue buying :D



Welcome, Jerry!

What did you do at WE and what location(s)?  Did you save any technical or marketing documentation?

We're always interested in hearing war stories and anecdotes.

Catching up on all the back posts could take you a while.  Starting with some of the Sticky topics in each board should get you up to speed.
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Jerry P

I worked at the West Chicago, Illinois distribution & repair center. Left there in 1967. Spent most of my time there repairing coin phones. After that I transferred thru a number of Bell companies until I retired with 36 years. Still keep transferring, starting 2013 my pension now comes from Ericsson.


Hi Jerry and welcome to the forum. As an old WE guy you should have plenty of stories, and phones!
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Yes Welcome Jerry!

As a collector of AE equipment I keep hoping to find someone like you but who worked for AE and KEPT a "Master List" of all of AE's "Wierd and Woundeful" coding found on their phones!