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GE date coding
« on: December 27, 2019, 01:15:14 PM »
I've learned from radio forums that General Electric started putting a four number code on their stereos and clock radios starting around the early 60s. Usually this will have a number XYZZ where Y is the year (0-9) ZZ is the week (01-52) and X is the day of the week (1-7). This seemed to carry all the way to recent times, in fact I have GE phones and radios made in the late 2000s that still have the four numbers.

Although, I also collect old fans. I have a few GE fans that I think are from the early 70s, that have the Catalog No.  and then at the bottom there's a "P.S. No." that also has four numbers. Does anyone here possibly know what the P.S. means and is it the same as the electronics? Only two of my fans have the number and it seems to fit the pattern. I've also seen it on other GE small appliances. Later I notice GE used a 3 number code on them YZZ where Y is the year and ZZ is the week. So I am assuming the P.S. No. is in fact the date code.