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Another 302
« on: May 05, 2013, 04:09:34 PM »
This makes 4 or 5, I've lost track exactly how many I have, but for $25 and a short drive I couldn't pass it up.  Mixed dates, but apparently a 9-47 origin.  The shell date surprised me, I didn't know they made them as late as 1960.  No cracks or gouges, but has it's share of minor scratches.  Receiver cap was stuck, but after cleaning out the groove with a dental pick and then taking a hair dryer to it, it came right off.  Wool felt feet were a surprise too in that they were mostly all there except for one little spot on the front corner of one front foot. Functions except it doesn't ring.  I suspect maybe that wear in the ringer coil, if not a wire that needs to be moved.
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Re: Another 302
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Move the red ringer wire from GND to L1 on the induction coil, and it should ring.
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Re: Another 302
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I like the foot pads...