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Hello, all!

Started by Dixon Hall, May 10, 2013, 10:41:14 PM

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Dixon Hall

Greetings!  Glad to be a part of the forum, and I'm looking forward to learning a lot here!



You deffintely will learn alot here, we always appreciate new people.

Dixon Hall

Thanks, Ben!  I've definitely got a lot to learn!


Doug Rose

Hey Dix...Welcome to the is a fun place to learn about phones and show your treasures.....glad to have you aboard....Doug

Dixon Hall

Mr. Bones


     Welcome to what is, quite likely, the kindest and most informative telephone site in cyberspace.

     We are glad you're here, and look forward to seeing your phones, etc.

Best regards!
   Mr. Bones
      Rubricollis Ferus

Dixon Hall

Thanks, Mr. Bones!  In just browsing around here, I see a wealth of information and experience.



Welcome Dixon! We all like it here and are certain you will as well.

Now, down to many AE's do you have?  :)


Dixon Hall

Thanks, Terry!  I don't think I have any AEs last I checked. My interest is great, but my collection is modest, and my knowledge is even smaller. I have mostly WE 302s, a 202, a couple of 500s, and some other random bits.  Nothing fancy or special!



Welcome to the forum ;D
Get out now! Phoneitis will set in and you will be lost forever. Soon you will be spending all your money on phones, then you will need more space for them. This is an incurable progressive disease that infects us all.
Seriously, this is the best place on the net for telephone info with the greatest bunch of people ever!
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

"There is no try,
there is only
do or do not"


        Welcome to the CRPF!!!!!!!!!! This is the greatest bunch of phone people you will ever meet. 
        We will have to work on that AE problem that you don't have -----yet!    stub
Kenneth Stubblefield