Author Topic: 1956 Soft Plastic Rose Beige 500 w/Gray cord and matching numbers  (Read 1067 times)

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Anyone watching this auction? Anyone win the phone?

Sold for $219.05 plus $16 shipping.

Three bidders through 13 bids and ended with four bidders and 14 bids. The winner was in it from the start and placed 5 bids.


Update: Sold for $219.05.

Seller described it as "This is one of the hard to find colors in the Western Electric 500 series.  This beautiful rose beige 500 has a date of 02/56 throughout the phone including the dial, ringer, base, and even the handset.  It also comes with a gray handset cord that is in stellar condition with no tears or cuts that I can find, there is no line cord atm.  The phone itself has no chips or cracks anywhere and the base shows no rust with even the leather feet being in great shape.  There is a section that you can see at the top that appeared to have some sort of sticker on it at some point and the residue is left but this will come off.  Here is your chance to own one of the harder to find 500's in great condition to complete that collection.  If you need any extra pictures of have any questions please let me know."
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