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Here we are beginning year number sixteen in the new millennium—2015.  The technological advances that our world is experiencing are far greater than many of us ever imagined.  Today, people are carrying around smart phones, use video phones and VoIP phones at home and work.  Yet with all the advancements, a part of our past is becoming more popular than ever before.  More and more people are becoming interested in old telephones—Classic Rotary Telephones.  These are telephones many baby-boomers remember from their youth.  They remember the loud ring of the brass ringer bells, they remember dialing a girlfriend or boyfriend and hanging on the phone for hours.  They remember the dependability of the phone and how there was service even when their home’s electrical power was off during stormy weather.  Maybe they remember the old phone that Grandma had that was so heavy it could barely be lifted from the table.

It’s difficult to imagine telephones that were manufactured at the turn of the last century are still in working condition and able to be used on today’s phone lines.

Here at Classic Rotary Phones we love to talk about old telephones—telephones that were made prior to the rotary dial and phones that came along afterward—into the touch-tone era.

If you click on the “Blog” tab at the top of this page you will be able to read many topics and posts related to telephony.  There are old photographs, advertisements, ephemera, discussions on telephone collecting, trouble-shooting problems and even restoration and repair.  Check along the right hand side bar for additional topics and links to other interesting telephone sites.

As a spin-off of the Classic Rotary Phones blog, there is the Classic Rotary Phones Forum.  With hundreds of telephone collectors and enthusiasts that log on regularly, there is a ton of information available to everyone—and it’s free!  Please take a few moments to check out the Forum.  Better yet, register to join in on the discussions.  We have a lot of fun and a wealth of information is shared.

Whether you currently own a Classic Rotary Phone or plan on picking one up in the future, most of them should still work with home service providers.

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