Stromberg-Carlson twin-box telephoneWhat makes antiquing an adventure is the mystery of it, as I never know what sort of crazy stuff I’ll come home with. Well, I’ve surprised myself again. Having recently acquired a model 1243, I’ve been thinking about Stromberg-Carlson quite a bit lately, hoping to learn more about the company and its products. I discovered that they were the premier manufacturer of phones for the independent (read, non-Bell) companies in the earlier years of the 20th Century, their phones proving well suited for the long distances encountered with rural use. I found one of those early phones this past Saturday at an antique mall in Cleburne, Texas. My knowledge of telephones of this vintage is nil, and I almost certainly paid too much, but I just couldn’t leave it behind. I’ve grown accustomed to messing around with old phones, but compared to the others this one is ancient! To use the vernacular of the antique phone hobby, it is a twin-box fiddleback telephone, the term “fiddleback” seemingly applied to any vintage wood phone whose backboard is anything other than straight-sided. [Note: I have been informed by Tom Adams that this backboard style is actually more of a "Gibson Girl" design] Once I got it home a little research was in order, so I scanned through my books and did some ‘net surfing, hoping to find some particulars regarding this early twin-box Stromberg-Carlson. Read the rest of this entry »