1950 Western Electric advertisementThere’s a gaggle (about twenty, isn’t that close to a gaggle?) of new ads posted in the Vintage Telephone Advertisements area. They are pretty diverse, spanning from the ’40s through the ’60s, and they all represent either the Bell System in general or Western Electric in particular.
Short of resorting to some sort of javascript shenanigans, I haven’t been able to come up with a good method of showcasing the new additions to the Vintage Phone Advertisements pages. As a result, finding the new stuff requires one to scan through all of the ads to see the new ones, hardly an ideal arrangement. The problem is aggravated by my having put them into an approximate chronological order, as otherwise it would be a simple matter of putting the new ones up front. Perhaps I’ll have some sort of an epiphany and arrive at a solution to this one of these days. As you’re browsing, don’t miss the 1958 Bell ad about a family that can’t find a motel vacancy. Dad calls himself a chump for not calling ahead for a motel. Gotta love it!