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Wisconsin Telephone 1908 Hub Cap

Started by Fabius, January 03, 2015, 02:23:39 PM

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I picked this up a couple of months ago on eBay. I thought it was strange that the WISCONSIN TELEPHONE wording was larger and bolder then the rest of the sign. But I guess that's the way that operating company wanted it. Look at the wording on the building sign and even a service pin shows the bold lettering.
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That Wisconsin Telephone Company sign/plaque looks a lot like the one (not the same one, well, maybe it is) that was posted outside the front door of the CO in Madison ca 1968. Maybe about 12 x 18? Had a friend who worked as an operator and as such, happened to be at the front door of the building many times. Back then, the CO even had normal, multi-pane windows on every floor (it was a two or three story dark red brick building) and low level security at the front door. Those days are long gone.