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RE: noobie from OH, starting with a 48-A WE Magneto

Started by Super Dave Osbourne, June 27, 2015, 05:21:53 PM

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Super Dave Osbourne

Hi, just bought a Western Elec. 48-A 5 bar magneto from someone on FleeceBay.  I took it apart, cleaned with Mean Grean, hot water rinsed, then immediately dried, light lube/oiled the metal on metal with Break Free (poly based), checked continuity, and rebuilt.  Having fun, now looking to replace a missing part that holds the lower coil axil into the lower small toothed sprocket.  I'd also like to get (from the USPTO?) the original patent on this from the 1894 area, and any other literature (print or otherwise) that folks have around.  Love to know the history of the device, so thanks for having a cool forum to come and talk about this stuff!  Cheers.


Welcome to CRPF Super Dave! I trust we will see you shocking fish or something on TV soon...or should that be on the Red Green show maybe?


Super Dave Osbourne

Good morning Terry and thank you!
I haven't watched the Red Green show in literally decades (or so it seems).
It doesn't seem the use of a hand crank AC generator is the ideal choice for responsible electrofishing.