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Automatic Electric - Pay Station Instruction Cards

Started by Ktownphoneco, February 14, 2016, 02:23:00 PM

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I know this may be a repeat of what may have already been posted, however I've scanned 2 A.E. Pay Station Instruction cards at a very high resolution.     The 2 cards are A.E. Part No. P-51744, and Part No. 51599, and both are for "post pay" sets.    Both cards are the correct size as measured from the factory cards from which the scans were made, that being  3-1/2" X 4".
They will produce a good replica of the original card if printed on a decent printer.     Both images were scanned to a "TIFF" image, and converted to "jpeg".

Jeff Lamb


Here's another Pay Station, user instruction card.     It was scanned at a high resolution setting, saved in "TIFF" format, then converted to "jpeg" once completed.
It's for the Tampa, FL., area, (813), and I suspect it was used by General Telephone, since the card's part number is prefixed with the letter "G" (G-121).     This is for a pre-pay set.       The card dimensions are the standard 3.5" x 4.0"     Printed using the printer's "Best" quality settings, and on card stock, it should produce a fairly accurate reproduction card.
Enjoy the rest of the day.

Jeff Lamb


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