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Hi from England

Started by wurzel1765, October 23, 2019, 07:50:54 AM

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I tried, but I could only seem to load one photo at a time?


Quote from: wurzel1765 on October 23, 2019, 10:22:01 AM
I tried, but I could only seem to load one photo at a time?

Write your text in the text box.
Tap on 'attachments and other options'.
Add a photo via 'choose file'
To add another photo to the same post click on '(more attachments)' which is directly underneath 'choose file'.
Repeat to add up to six photos.

(See screenshot below)

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ah I see

Thanks, I'll give it a try


Andy, Welcome, and a great collection.


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Hi Andy. Welcome to the obsession, er... hobby! Amazing collection. I think this is the forst time I have seen a collection that rivals Dougs!
Harry Smith
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Wow - and I thought my collection of just over 100 phones was a good size! Clearly I need to up my game.
Just need to have a conversation with top management (ie the wife) about where they are going to go. I'm sure it'll go just fine.......


Welcome and thanks for the pics you have put up.  they're the first I have seen that magnify portions of the picture after first expanding them. 
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