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Help needed with AE 120 Hookswitch connections to a WE 425K network

Started by allnumbedup, October 26, 2022, 01:38:50 PM

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I am still working on my newly acquired AE 120 single slot payphone. Now I am trying to bypass the OEM innards using a Western Electric network. I have nothing else attached to the WE 425K network except the AE 120 hook switch which has four leads I have worked into these connections to the network by looking at 425 network and AE schematics.  I have tried other combinations without success but not all that exist I am sure:

Yellow to L1
Pink to L2
Red/White to C
Slate to RR (I am using RR because I have no dial)

I am using my RS phone tester and get no dial tone hung up or off hook. I get transmission and dial tone when partially hung up at the moment both sets of hook switch contacts are touching (last picture).  I am aware that WE has more leads and contacts to their hook switch and wonder if it is impossible to get this AE hook switch working with this network if there is no dial hooked up. Perhaps I need to jump something. Any advice and/or explanation  is welcomed. thanks JC
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Does this thread help you?

What is your intention/goal with this project?  Just working as a phone or something more?


Yes It has been helping me immensely.  As I have posted in an earlier post,

I have purchased keys to open the top, restored the outside, shunted the coins from the chute to the coin return, got a ring but cannot get a dial tone following the wiring you provided. It appears original but is missing its coin relay. Because I have not had luck with the existing original looking circuit inside, I chose a 425 network with plans to connect the original 6 wire dial and 4 wire hook switch to function as a normal US residential phone independent of both coins and the original network and boards. I had a 425K most available but will eventually use another letter 425 suitable for a rotary dial when I get to hooking up the dial.

thank you JC
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same situation of dial tone only with the handset hook partially depressed so that all contacts are made in the switch using a WE 425E network as well.
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With a 425 network, you can use just one set of hookswitch contacts if you strap L2 to C.
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I still do not know why I could not get the original wiring to work, but the strap worked so that I could use an additional 425E network to make this GTE 120 function as a normal phone. I have attached the 425E schematic and also my homemade drawing of the attachments I used from the phone's original wiring to the 425E network. I did not use one pair of the dial contact wires, and used the second set of hook switch contacts to exclude the ringer when on hook.  The photo is of the 1990's Cortelco network I wound up using to connect the phone in the same way as shown for the 425E. It is lighter and smaller so I could zip tie it to the plastic housing on the back face of the phone. Also shown is where I stored the upper housing terminal board and harness as well as the lock cylinder for the upper housing key lock which effectively disables it.
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