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Scratched and gashed Bakelite

Started by deedubya3800, July 20, 2011, 01:05:32 PM

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What would you recommend for repairing scratches and gashes in Bakelite surfaces? I have a G1 handset with a fairly bad scratch in the back and an E1 receiver cap with a little gash in the side. Is there a putty or something that can be used for such small surface repairs?


I have used super glue.  It will fill in cracks, and it can be sanded smooth, but it tends to look much shinier than the bakelite, so it doesn't blend in very well.


Greg G.

I've used Magic-Sculpt resin and hardener mixed with black pigment with fairly good results (for a first attempt, anyway).  I got them at Tap Plastics.  Not sure if they're in your area, but there's probably a similar place.

P.S. I'll never take apart an AE 183 Spacemaker again, ever.
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