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I'm Leaving...TIPandRING

Started by TIPandRING, February 14, 2009, 09:24:23 PM

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Let me clarify...nothing here or anyone has offended me in any way.  I just need a bit of a respite from the forum. This serves two purposes:

I tend to go over-board on some projects and then burn-out. This forum got me interested in the hobby of old phones once again, now I'm finding myself in the same boat as the antique radios...piles and piles of stuff to do with not enough time.  A need a break.

This "break" will give me some time to focus on writing some web articles on phones that's I've been promising. These are time consuming when you factor in webpage creation, good photos and easy to understand topics.

Just an FYI.

Take care.



Sorry to hear this Joe :-[ I consider you a valuable asset, especially with your knowledge of the independent equipment. Don't make it long, please.

St Clair Shores, MI


Anything you planning for a public display ?
If so be sure to stop by and let us know. Your knowledge is greatly appreciated.
You will be missed, stop by once in awhile.

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Second that, you will be missed here.


yah me too, you've been an asset here


Good luck, stop in about quarterly and let us know what's happening, if this isn't too much.
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