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Good-Ad Inc. phone dialer

Started by Witty, February 29, 2012, 06:05:46 PM

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I thought I would share this with the members.  It is an old phone dialer made by Good-Ad, Inc. out of Philadelphia.  I'm not sure when it was made.  It has Patent Pend. stamped on the back and an ad for The New Haven Register and their phone number at the time.  The advertising ring is covered with celluloid. I am assuming these were sold and you could have your business name printed on it, based on the fact it's made by an old advertising company.  Of course, it could also have just been made for the news paper.  I really don't.  It works perfectly and snugs onto the dial ring just the right amount to allow you to turn the upper ring easily, press the plunger down on the number you want, and dial it  The spring loaded plunger doesn't go all the way down onto the dial card and I'm also thinking the bottom of the plunger probably had a round rubber or plastic band or gasket around it at one time to to fit snugly into the finger hole and help protect the inside of the finger holes from being worn off quickly.  It only works on the older metal finger dials with clearance for the clips to pass under the finger stop.

I am curious of anyone else has one of these and wondering if there might be others with different advertising on them. 

I have never seen one before. Very interesting.


Vern P

I too have not seen one of these before, but it is a great attachment.   
It would have been made by some Co. then others would order them with there name on it.    Have seen other attachment made by a Co. with differnt name on them.

I would say that there was not anything more on the plunger part, but then I have not seen this kind before.

Were did you find this ?

Vern P


Here is a picture I received from Ray K recently that shows a similar item.


Remco, JKL Museum of Telephony Curator

JKL Museum of Telephony:
TCI Library:


I have seen these for sale online before, but never one installed on the dial. Just seeing a photo of it alone, I never could quite figure out how it worked or even how large it was.

Pretty cool.  And neither is from a funeral home.


If I were the phone company, I'd be concerned that people wouldn't release the pin on the backstroke, and would use it to force the dial backward. Seems like an easy thing to do.  Still, it's a cool little attachment.

Vern P

I belive Gary Goff could add some info on this, he has a lot of attachments. I belive he is on the forum, but don't know what name he uses here.

Did you find this in the wild or eBay ? Other ?

Vern P