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Auction 66 possibility

Started by Dan, April 01, 2011, 10:31:40 AM

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So is this a fake one? It's up over 700. Gotta get a few cans of polane :o
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Doug Rose

Quote from: Dan on April 03, 2011, 07:04:01 PM
So is this a fake one? It's up over 700. Gotta get a few cans of polane :o
Not a fake, painted. Polane is a thick coating, notice you can't make out the writing in the rectangle under the handset grip. I had one just like this and you could not tell the difference from 6 feet, unless you knew what you were looking for.  I asked the seller to unscrew the caps after they told me it was "original." They did not answer. This auction is so wrong. For a seller with 100% feedback and 1600 positives this is really crossing the line. I'm sure I'm not the only person to ask a question about this. ....Doug


I think this is one of those cases in which the buyer probably won't care whether it's original or not.  An experienced collector would immediately spot the grooved handset and know it's painted.  Non-collectors just want a pretty phone.  This definitely fits that bill, and would make a non-collector very happy.

The real problem, of course, comes with the person in between those two--the inexperienced collector. Let's hope there's not one of those bidding.


I hope not, Bingster.  He or she could get just as "pretty" of a phone from Old Phone Works newly refurbished for $249.  :-\
Jim H.

Kenny C

I think the housing is real... what say ye?
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Real black, maybe.  This is undoubtedly an OPW phone, and if it is, there's no blue plastic anywhere on the set. 


The baseplate was painted flat black; good paint job, but none the less a paint job.  (Otherwise the rivet heads would be shiny steel or whatever the metal was.)

Notice the "British" arrangement with the cords: both coming out at the rear like a 332.  How is it that whoever last worked on this one didn't route the handset cord via its all too visible mouse-hole on the left of the set?  Or were they leaving the mouse-hole open for a miniature mouse to occupy? : - )

The housing appears blue on the inside as well, which is interesting.  From some angles in the photos it does appear to be blue plastic, but from other angles it appears painted.

The key to this one is interior photos of housing and handset.  Which apparently the seller isn't providing.  Yet.  I think it might be possible to entice him/her to provide those photos by being just a wee bit sneaky about it rather than by being accusatory. 

Sheesh, this really brings home the points various people made in objecting to my euphoric promotion of the idea of mass-producing colored 302 housings & handsets!  There really does need to be some highly visible external method for differentiating repros & make-overs from originals.  (But the thing that killed off the idea for me, was that it would end up driving up the price of black ones, as they would be cannibalized into other colors: the goal was to produce affordable color 302s rather than drive up prices of black ones or get original phones cannibalized.)

Doug Rose

Its painted!

I did as you asked by taking the caps off of the reciever. I found that it is BLACK on the inside instead of Turquoise. It has been painted. Someone did a beautiful job. Did the phone company paint these or did private parties do this. I noticed that in the Telephone Collecting by Dooner, there are a lot of colored phones of this model?

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It's Baaaaack. This time with more pictures (according to the seller) so that there will be no claims of deception. > <. ( dead link 01-23-22 )

Doug Pav


Why would anyone spend at least $300 "As is" when they could get it brand spanking (refurbished) new from Old Phone Works with a warranty for $249?
Jim H.