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Clean your Camera Lense!

Started by DavePEI, October 08, 2014, 05:16:41 PM

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A thought crossed my mind today. Floated in one ear and out the other....  :)

Recently, I noticed one of my camera lenses was getting dirty. Now, it is amazing, but this can make quite a difference in the quality of your shots, and in the fine focus.

How do you clean a lens?  It is a simple procedure, but there are some things you need to be aware of.

Many cameras these days have automatic irises on the lens to act as a lens cover. This means to clean the lens, you must turn the camera on and allow the lens to open properly...

Do NOT use vinegar or Windex to clean the lens. These will remove the coatings on the lens which improve the optics.

Use a proper cleaner designed for coated plastic lenses.Apply it sparingly with a clean lint free cloth. Wipe gently with a circular motion. Wipe until clean and swirl free.

When done the lens, use the same cleaner on yo0ur camera's view screen  While you are at it, you can make it a full tune-up by changing batteries and reviewing the photos on your camera card to remove duplicates and those now wanted.

Perhaps ths is just common sense, but I did want to get across the necessity to use a cleaning solution designed for coated lenses. Anything ale, no matter how well it might work on window glass, may remove the very important optical coatings on the lens...

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Good advice..

I could see this topic turn into a eBay bad picture joke, where people would upload bad pictures of phones due to dirt on camera lenses. :)