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Telephone Museum of Prince Edward Island

Started by DavePEI, April 16, 2015, 10:57:33 AM

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Greg G.

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A lot of people just hate Facebook, just because it is Facebook. However, there are things it excels at, and we are seeing it happen right mow on the Museum FB page.

First of all, reason for registering - security. It prevents others from posting comments in your name.

We now have about a three way split, those who are collectors, Telco employees and retired employees, and many from Europe belonging already.

I have had a normal web page for years, and it has never attracted the attention the museum has had thanks to the Facebook page. Over the years, I have fought a running battle to get local telco employees to acknowledge the museum, and now I have them posting left right and centre, and having a great time, as the page and others they are talking with chat with each other. That is something which can't be done with a static web page.

I have never regretted joining FB years ago, and have been able to keep in touch, and to re-find people I knew 50 years ago, and we now stay in touch.

The point is, a normal web page can show you photos and give you a description, FB allows them to give feedback, much like this Forum here does.

There is definitely a place for FB.As a result of the FB page, I have had offers for physical help with the Museum I have needed for years from Island Tel/Aliant retirees. So don't knock something if you haven't tried it! And on top of that, people are having fun!

A final word on tracking. If you use the Internet, you ARE tracked. If you use a search engine, you ARE tracked, Most websites use tracking cookies to save your preferences. Your emails are tracked, Don't think because you don't use search engines or Facebook that you aren't tracked. To do so is living in a fool's paradise. Welcome to Big Brother. Orwell foresaw today many years ago.

How about it guys = those who have joined and are using the Museum FB page, tell the others if you are enjoying it and finding it interesting!

The Telephone Museum of Prince Edward Island:
Free Admission - Call (902) 651-2762 to arrange a visit!
C*NET 1-651-0001

Russ Kirk

For many years all I heard about Facebook was the social drama. People mad at everybody. A few weeks ago I thought i would give it a try and see how much of the social drama I could avoid.  So far, no drama and I have found it to be a lot of fun, especially centering on my hobbies of telephones, golf and astronomy. Also i have found that it is a good way to stay in touch with long lost friends ans relatives. Oh, and i do like the PEI facebook page a lot!
- Russ Kirk


The PEI Museum page is wonderful! Dave has some interesting stuff and some great stories. Other phone people fom the island are chipping in with their stories too! Excellent job Dave!

I have been a member of Facebook for a while but never really used it until recently. There are a few phone related pages and old cars, my favorite things si since I found those I am using it a lot more.

Dave is right, you get tracked no matter where you go on the internet. Have you noticed the ads at the top of our home page change? They will be related to whatever you last searched for. Big Brother IS watching!
Harry Smith
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Jack Ryan

People have mentioned many of the good things about Facebook and I agree but there are a couple of negatives that affect groups like this.

1. Facebook is focussed on the present - it is hard to find what was said yesterday, leave alone last month.

2. If a member closes his or her account or upsets the management resulting in a closed account, all of the input from that member is removed. All of the questions that member answered become unanswered questions again. Facebook does not preserve the past.

This does not mean that we shouldn't use Facebook but we should make sure our archives are preserved. I do not know the answer to this question.



I have had my FB page for years, but I hadn't used it for a year or so, until Dave posted about his Museum page!

The problem with being my age is; you have to be very careful who you friend on FB. A lot of other kids my age are into really weird things, worst of all, post those really weird things (certain things we shouldn't and won't mention) on their pages. This affects me to other people who check out my page, including you guys, and future employers! :-\

Just my opinion...

BTW; GREAT page, Dave!!! ;)
Christian Petterson

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Thanks, guys! I guess the only way to put it, is don't knock it unless you try it. The activity on the page is tremendous, given the fact I only started it last Thursday. There are some great conversations, and the very nest thing to me, it that it has attracted a large number of Island Tel and Aliant retirees, and they are beginning to share some of their memories.

I have spend the past few days posting things I hope will get further discussions going, but still check in here several times a day! It doesn't replace the Forum, but is a godsend for the Museum and its friends.
The Telephone Museum of Prince Edward Island:
Free Admission - Call (902) 651-2762 to arrange a visit!
C*NET 1-651-0001