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Reviving Old Topics and about Locked Topics

Started by Babybearjs, September 29, 2017, 08:28:39 PM

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Dennis Markham

Quote from: andy1702 on November 08, 2017, 02:38:28 PM
I suggest a forum is the wrong place to keep useful archival information (eg wiring diagrams or restoration techniques etc) and they would be better suited to a stand-alone website. Forum softtware and design is more geared towards day to day chat, which is why many forums delete topics after a few weeks or months.

Perhaps you should create such a website.


The idea itself is not bad but-

this would be a "Encelcopedia Telephonica". maybe if someone has one or two (or more) years free time- would be a good job filtrating all the "useful archival information " by many users written as work in progress into one big compendium, only subject specific  , free of off topic and errors.
Would be a gift to collectors, but personally, I like the "living" form of the forum better :)



There is never a perfect place for information be it a forum, a web site, a data base or whatever. And, if left to each individual to determine up front where his info should be put many wrong decisions would be made. Plus, topics evolve which is why we sometimes move, merge or split them on this forum.

Overall I find the search function here works quite well and the way this forum works with pictures being attachable to each post makes it quite nice in my mind.

But for certain some will not agree which is why everyone has choices where they spend their online time,