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What happened to the Modify option in posts?

Started by Greg G., January 01, 2018, 01:15:35 AM

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Not being allowed to modify old posts forced me to rethink what I post.  Especially when you're on the world wild web sometimes its necessary to make changes.  Without the ability to make changes I find myself being much more careful about what I post here and have reduced the amount of posts.  Rather unfortunate.

Greg G.

Quote from: Dan/Panther on January 01, 2018, 12:34:54 PM
My understanding is that the modify option has a time limit, due to the recent events surrounding a member that went back to old posts a deleted all information posted by that individual.
Though we can't control providers like Photobucket, we need to do all we can to limit the same situation happening to written data.


I was not aware of "bad apples" until I had a nasty exchange with one of them in June or July.  Even after some "house cleaning", I wasn't aware of the sabotage that was going on.  So in that respect, the time out is needed.  I tend to get really picky about information and how my posts are worded, hence it often takes me a while to post even a few lines.  I can always formulate my posts offline then cut and paste. 
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I can not say for sure, But I would imagine that John can also unlock a thread if the need be, temporarily, if he is contacted.
If wrong please accept my apology for misinformation.
The 7 day limit, will be more than sufficient I feel. I subscribe to John's QUOTE option. That way all original wording is preserved. Especially if the instance occurs, where a dispute over what was said in a thread, is questioned.


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It's been a while!

What was the 'sabotage' or dust up?   

I thought gallery was always open to editing, but didn't know you could edit any post after 24 hours or so.   

Anyway, who would I contact to update my gallery?  Got rid of some photos of phones I don't own, but now the dialogue doesn't make sense.  ; )


--Bruce, the occasional forum frequenter 


Hi Bruce:

Good to see you back. Reading the Navy Phones topic I thought "haven't seen Slal for awhile now" and then, there you were back again!

This is the topic you are wondering about updating? Your "My Telephone Collection" topic...

All topics could be edited forever until very recently so we haven't determined the best way to allow you to do some editing of posts more than one week old. Will talk with John to see what he wants to do. If it is just a few pictures to delete or several posts to delete we can easily do that for you. PM me or Teleplay what needs doing. If it's more involved than that we have other possibilities.