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My password doesn't work

Started by Key2871, April 18, 2018, 05:33:20 PM

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OK, I changed my profile earlier today, no problem. Now I want to look at other things, and it won't take my pass word.
No matter where I look, I can't figure out where to go to redo my password. I try search, all it does is high lite the word password, but nothing else.
What's up with that?

Dennis Markham

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If you're posting here successfully you have to already be logged in.



Quote from: AE_Collector on April 18, 2018, 10:51:08 PM
If you're posting here successfully you have to already be logged in.

HEE Hee, you would think huh?
I too, have lost my password.
This is the only pc I can use, because it stays logged on. ::)


You know, I can't remember my password for the site either, but, I have this weird thing with my memory in that right now, I can't think of it, but when it comes to logging in, I'll remember it there and then, type it out & log in successfully, and promptly forget it...  ???

It's weird the way the brain works, or, at least, how mine works... ;D


There is an option when logging in to "stay logged in permanently" but even with that it's usually only a matter of time until something happens....



I've had to log in a few times due to browser crashes (mucks up the login cookies on all sites), ISP changing my IP address and confusing things, and using the wrong browser (I use Pale Moon for my every day stuff, and Firefox for my youtube channel stuff)...  ;D


"Permanently" adds up to 1 month on my sign in.
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