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Help identifying braided cloth cord

Started by Etienne, April 09, 2022, 10:59:46 AM

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I got 2 cords like this one with my WE302. The seller sold for a retired PTT employee who worked in Algeria before independence.
I cannot fond out what this cord was made for. it has 4 braided conductors, 2 short, 2 long. It could look like a German handset cord from the 1930's (thin wire style), but the longer wires are almost double as long as the short ones.
what was this intended for?
Presumably this could be French, but as both WE302 that came with it have American ringers (almost totally silent under French 50 Hz, 80 V ringing current), it may be from anywhere.


This listing
shows the same cord. It was used by operators. 2 much longer cords because of the headset...